Best Apps for Outdoor Enthusiasts


If you like going outdoor and adventuring, you should arm yourself with knowledge and experience. Getting experience takes a lot of time and usually a lot of mistakes. To overcome that step, which also includes possible injuries, you can always bring the necessary knowledge with you.

Learning stuff takes time, especially practicing it, yet if you bring your smartphone. Since many people never leave their house without their phone and Svenbet Review 2020, the best thing you can do for yourself as an outdoor person is fill your phone with useful apps.

Here are the apps you should consider adding to your phone.

AllTrails – Hiking & Biking

The name of the app should give its purpose away. It contains a lot of routes for both hikers and cyclists. These routes are recorded by people, of course, and with the option to add photos, they can be perfect guides.

With the GPS tracker mode, you can also make your own trails and have them memorized for yourself or published for everyone else to enjoy. It is a very useful app that can keep you on the right path.


Runners and cyclists love this app. It is a state of the art tracker that records your activities. You can enter competitions since people can upload their own results for a specific route. King of the hill mode enables you to beat someone’s record and become the king. It has all the necessary metrics such as distance, speed, time and everything in between.


This one serves multiple purposes. The first is a crowdsourced recording of where people get mobile phone signals. Your own routes help with that as you keep the map updated on places where there is a mobile signal. The second part of the app is a function of alerting your friends if happen to be late, at the same time sending them your last known route.

First Aid – American Red Cross

This is a free application which has lots of guidelines on basic first aid. There are a lot of things that you have lessons on in this application. There are also video guides, as well as a “learn” section followed by a question and answer one.

SAS Survival Guide

This guide is based on the eponymous book and actually contains the full text of the book. Not only that, but it also contains photos of all kinds of plants, medicinal, poisonous and edible, too. You also have first aid guides as well as basic and advanced survival guides. With that comes the option to download instructional videos. The app isn’t free, however, and at the moment comes with a price of 6 US dollars.


The name does remind of rambling, and the app’s features do have journal-keeping functions. You can record your voice, text, take photos and map your routes. You can also publish your routes for others to see and likewise see their own routes and data.

These apps are very helpful and can do any outdoor adventurer a lot of good. Another thing to note is that they are all available on both the iOS and Android systems.

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