These Are Some of the Unusual Sports That Are Played in the UK


As far as sports are concerned, most people pay attention to popular sports. However, given how all of us are different, people will shy away from sports like football and basketball, to watch something more unique, like curling, bowling, track and field, and so on and so forth.

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Speaking of unusual sports, there probably isn’t a country close to the UK that has people playing sports you have never heard of. Here are some of the UK’s strangest sports.


Bathtub Racing

You have heard of it all, but you probably never heard about tin bath racing, with an annual World Tin Bath Championship, an event that has been taking place since 1971 in Castletown Harbour on the Isle of Man.

This is an interesting race that has hundreds of people from all over the world, racing in tin bathtubs that they have to build on their own. There are some standards that must be respected but the bathtubs are all built by the contestants. This adds another level of quirkiness to the already quirky race.


Cheese Rolling

This is a sport that most people have heard of. A big roll of cheese is set downhill and the people then start running after it. The hill is very steep, over 45 degrees. That is problematic, as you might assume and many ankles are sprained, twisted or broken, every single time. The cheese rolls pretty fast so catching it is almost impossible, but eventually, there is always a winner. 


Caber Toss

If you have ever watched a cartoon or played a video game with Scottish characters, then you will have most likely seen or heard something about caber toss. Caber toss is a sport played at the Highland Games, where tree trunks, about 6 meters tall and around 79 kilograms heavy are thrown. There is a running start, the tree trunks being held vertically and ideally, the trunk should fall vertically as well, before falling forward, hopefully. 

The distance is not important in this, but rather the technique. 



This sport is as unusual as they get. Welly wanging refers to boot throwing. Wellies are Wellington boots, green, rubber, yellow sole, without a steel cap. They are always size 9 and the competitors can choose whether to use the left or right boot. The rules are very strict. 

The goal is to throw or wang the boot as far as possible. This lovely competition takes place in the village of Upperthong.


Snail Racing

You might have heard of dog or horse racing, but snail racing? This is a valid sport in the UK which has its own World Snail Racing Championships. The idea was brought to life in the UK by one Tom Elwes, who saw a similar event in France.

The competition is held on a damp cloth on a table, with a 35-centimeter radius. Snails start at the middle and race to the edge. They are marked by numbers on stickers and placed on their shells so that they can be distinguished from one another.


These are some of the strangest sports that you will find people play in the UK.

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