Are Water Sports Losing Fans? – Best Water Sports Destinations in the World


Water sports have been around for a while and in the case of water skiing, from 1922, when Ralph Samuelson took his two boards and a clothesline to Lake Pepin and started off an entirely new culture. Many landlocked countries have never had an interest in water sports if their rivers or lakes are nowhere nearly large enough to sustain a safe water sports environment.

Countries with sea access are much more prone to water sports. The UK, as well as many Asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, and India, have a very developed water sports culture.

Water sports have their fans and spectators always enjoy the high-speed tricks and flips.

If you want to try out some water sports, you should check out these locations all over the world and embrace the culture.

Goa – India

Goa is quite the name when it comes to water sports. Anything from wakeboarding, kite skiing, water skiing, barefoot skiing, jet skiing, water ski jumps and the like, you can find there. High-speed boats will take enthusiasts on dangerous thrill rides. The beginners will also have what to do as there are many options when it comes to water sports in Goa. Goa is also known for its parties, especially when a new year is approaching.

Miami – The United States

Miami is a city which enjoys great weather throughout the year. Anytime you visit you will be able to take part in water sports adventures. You can go water skiing or try something a bit different, which is wreck diving. Since many boats and ships sank during the centuries, you can experience their carcasses first hand as well as enjoy seeing the ocean life.

Brisbane – Australia

Australia has many surfer stereotypes and if you go to Brisbane, you will certainly encounter at least one. It is a great destination for all surfers and diving is also an option, due to colorful marine life. Stand up paddle boarding is another sport that has many representatives in Brisbane.

Mykonos – Greece

In Greece, many islands and places will have some form of water sports activities. Mykonos, however, is very active during the summer. Being an island, you can expect good weather during the entire year, but the best time to visit is in August. You’ll experience various water sports in Mykonos, though have in mind that it is an island so plan your trip accordingly.

These destinations all over the world show that water sports have their own representatives and that they are cherished by people all over the world, especially those near the oceans and seas. Tourists can also enjoy these sports, as many popular destinations are beginner-friendly.

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