What is Live Streaming? – The Best Free Sports Streaming Sites


Today, everyone has a TV set but not everyone wants to spend time sitting on a couch and watching a certain channel. Fortunately, those with a working and stable internet connection do not have to. Live streaming has been around the 90s, the first streams being audio streams. Today, with the modern protocols and formats, almost anyone can watch a live stream and through various platforms, individuals are also granted the opportunity to stream their own content.

This served as a shift to a more internet-centric form of entertainment, as there are many streaming sites such as twitch.tv or YouTube. Movies and TV shows can also be streamed, through services such as Netflix and Hulu, for example. Live sports streams are also quite popular, as you can access them through your smartphone.

What follows is a bit more on how live streaming works and the best free sports streaming sites.

How Live Streaming Works

Live streaming requires 3 things, the streamer and their PC or otherwise capable machine that does the encoding of the captured media, the server which is then used to transmit the data and the end user who through their device decodes and watches the stream.

Your captured media, usually audio and video is encoded so that the data can be transmitted to the server. The server allows for multiple users to watch the stream using their hardware of choice, whether a PC, console or mobile phone.

Today, setting up a live stream is simple due to advances in technology and many free streaming services like twitch.tv. This allowed many sites to start streaming their own content, or just relay the already existing stuff like live sports, for example.

Best Free Sports Streaming Sites

Live sports are always great to watch. The excitement any match can have is intoxicating and best watched in a company of friends, or even better, fans. Not everyone is able to meet up for every game throughout the week, so they prefer watching live streams online, then comparing their experiences and talking about a match.

Through these sites, you can watch live sports for free.


This site is probably the best free site for sports streams. There are plenty of sports to choose from and many mirrors for each match that is live at that moment. You are also provided with details about the match, teams involved and players as well. Most of the time, content is also available in an HD resolution. You can also download content if streaming is too much.


This site provides you with a simple and easy to use interface. Its home page alone has a schedule of all the live streams available or which are going to be available. Information about the stream is also displayed and you can choose from a couple of sports categories at the top of the page.


Batmanstream is a site which has a lot of sports for you to choose from, as well as a search option should you tire of scrolling through an endlessly long list of football matches. It is great if you’re a fan of swimming, tennis, volleyball, and handball, aside from football, the NFL, basketball, and baseball.

With streaming becoming so widespread, the option of switching to it completely is available and you would not be at a loss, whether you’re watching TV shows or sports.

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