Boating in the UK – The Top Destinations


The United Kingdom is a great place to explore, being full of history and culture. Everywhere you go, you will likely find either a small town of some great historic importance or a monument which tells a story of its own.

UK’s geography is also a thing to behold. From the lowlands of England to the mountainous areas of Scotland, not to mention the 800 islands or more that are part of the British Archipelago, there is a lot to explore. Doing so by land is interesting, but going on trips by boat is even more entertaining, and one of the only ways to see the smaller islands.

Here are some great places in the UK that are great for boating experiences.


Waterfront pubs and a long estuary? This place is a great starting point for your boating adventure in the UK. Long beaches and a lot of naval history are what you can expect here. Looking up to Pendennis Point, you can see Pendennis Castle, while the city itself is home to the National Maritime Museum. There you can see a lot of naval history, including model boats and the influence of the sea on history and culture.


In the heart of the Suffolk Coast and Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty lies the town of Southwold. Since this is a rather small town, you can expect an intimate adventure here, should you decide to dock.

The town is home to the Adnams Brewery, the town’s largest employer and a winner of the Good Pub Guide’s brewery of the year in 2011. Should you decide to leave this lovely town, you can always look for the warm light of the Southwold lighthouse to guide you back.

Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond or Lake of the Elms is a freshwater lake in Scotland, the largest inland stretch of water in the UK by surface area. It is also a great place to go boating. It is one of the premier locations for boating and even watersports. Anything from kayaking, canoeing, water skiing, and wake surfing is on the menu. If you think that things might get dicey, the Loch Lomond Recuse Boat provides 24-hour safety across the entire loch.

The Norfolk Broads

The Broads have over 200 kilometers of navigable rivers and lakes. They are located in the English counties of Norfolk and Suffolk. These rivers and lakes are just a great place to be adventurous. Boating here could lead you to many beautiful locations or you could just enjoy the scenery as you go. This place is also a prime location for yacht racing in the UK.

Cowes – Isle of Wight

This small town on the Isle of Wight is one of the world’s major locations for yacht racing. In August of every year, the town gets crowded with well over a hundred thousand spectators and over eight thousand competitors. During the off-season, it is a great place to just sail in silence.

If boating is your way of exploring the world, these locations are a great place to start your adventure in the UK.

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