The Most Interesting Cities to Visit in England


England is known for many things, tea, an interesting accent or plethora of accents, a general love of sports, beer, football fans, and many more things. Visiting England cannot be done in a day, especially if you want to see all the interesting cities the country has to offer. 

Plan well for your vacation, and within two months, you might get a good idea of what England’s cities are like.
If you don’t have two months, here is a short list of its most interesting cities to visit.


London is always an easy answer, mostly because it is the capital of England, a city with so much history that it oozes out of its every corner. Apart from iconic sights like the Buckingham Palace and the Big Ben, there are plenty of things to see, from small shops to large hotels and monuments which have been there for centuries. Be mindful when you walk into a pub, you might be wearing the wrong team’s colors. Get ready for a huge city with culture at every corner.


Canterbury is another old town, in Kent, which is to be expected, given its name. It is a town known as a pilgrim starting point or destination, dating back to St. Augustine in the 6th century, when he brought christianity to England. The famous Canterbury Cathedral is an UNESCO Heritage site and with good reasons. It is a unique cathedral which will take you back to the times when archbishop Thomas Becket was shot. While not as busy as London, it still has plenty of history and culture, and not as many tourists.


Liverpool is the home to the Beatles, as well as a football club which bears the same name. It is another historic town, with sights like Albert Dock, the Tate Gallery, as well as the Liver Building. Liverpool is known for its music scene, and not just the Beatles, but bands like Gerry and the Pacemakers, Elvis Costello, and many more. Liverpool is great, any time of the year, except when the club is losing.


The name itself is pretty much a giveaway as to what one can expect to see in the city. There are many Roman Baths in the city, preserved from times long past. You can take a bath in Britain’s natural thermal spa, the only one, or go around the city and absorb all its beauty, because there is more to see than just baths.

Cambridge and Oxford

While these are two distinct cities, what ties them together are universities, and both are good cities to visit, if for nothing else than the universities themselves. Packed with culture and history, both will have what to offer to the curious tourist, as well as the aspiring student.

England is a country with many amazing cities and these are the most interesting ones. But, there are other great cities in England, so try not to pick favorites and visit them all when you get the chance.

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