Tips for Boating to Other Countries


Traveling by boat is a great experience and one that should make great memories. People who have experience with boat travel already know how to prepare and even more importantly, what their reaction to being on a boat for longer periods might be like.

Seasickness can turn a trip really sour. In order for boat travel newcomers to avoid such mistakes, some tips on how to prepare are necessary. Consider these things before you buy your ticket for a 7-day cruise across the oceans.

Administrative Preparation

This might sound like a very boring task for many people, yet boat travel requires you to prepare some stuff. If you’re just going on a cruise, you need your passport or eventually a visa, depending on your residency and the country you’re traveling to. You should check that before even coming close to boarding the boat.

If you plan to travel on your own boat or one you rented, you need additional papers. Like driving a car to another country, you need your insurance paperwork or a rental agreement. Prepare your papers and make sure that they are valid for a longer time if you’re planning a longer trip.

If you plan on bringing your pet to another country, check whether that country allows foreign pets at all. You will need documentation, regardless, which comes down to two things, a pet passport and a current list of vaccinations.

Remember to back up your data as papers damaged by water can become very difficult to read. Keep them in a waterproof container and have copies ready.

Rules and General Purpose Advice

When traveling abroad in a boat, knowing the rules and etiquette will help you a lot. Boating etiquette is largely universal but does things go down the drain once you step on dry land. Be sure to check for various rules and regulations regarding sightseeing. The country you plan on visiting might have a very specific dress code. This is especially important when visiting religious sights.

Check whether a country you plan on visiting has any regulations regarding vaccination. Many countries have requirements for specific vaccinations. Regarding your own health and well-being while traveling, always have supplies ready in a special, sealed off medical bag.

Get informed, talk to experienced boaters. Urban legends can make even the shortest boat trips scary. Talking with experienced boaters should help you prepare for various circumstances and make your passage across the oceans easier.

Likewise, do not forget to plan ahead and see which ports have customs offices. The boating community is rather small compared to other ways of travel so customs offices might not be at every port. Chances are that major cities will have a customs office but check so that you can plan ahead and announce your presence in the country as early as possible.

These tips should help you establish a well-rounded base of how to approach your first international boating trip. Prepare things in advance, have backups and favorable winds will be with you.21

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