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Sports in the United Kingdom have always been very popular. Given the variety of sports one can play or watch in the UK, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. For the tourist, the UK is a great place to visit if you like sports and would like to take part in an event or just enjoy it as a spectator.

With so many sports played in the UK, visitors and locals have the opportunity to see many events throughout the entire year.


Football may be the most popular sport in the UK and is certainly one of the most competitive ones. The English Premier League has some of the UK’s best teams competing against each other. With only a couple of months of downtime, the Premier League will keep you busy throughout most of the year.

Scotland has its own football league, one which while not being as popular as the English Premier League, has fans which are just as passionate. Their league is called the Scottish Premier League and its two giants, the Celtics and Rangers attract a lot of attention, on the level of Manchester United and Chelsea.


When you think about tennis, it is very difficult not to think of the United Kingdom, especially England. That is for a good reason, as one of the most coveted trophies lies within the Grand Slam tournament Wimbledon. It is considered the top tennis achievement when looking at single Grand Slam titles.

The only problem with Wimbledon is that you can watch it during the month of July. While there are other tennis tournaments during the year, Wimbledon attracts the most attention as it has all the top competitors.


Rugby is a rough sport that also has a great following, especially in Europe. In the UK, you can watch many local matches from September to March, every year. The highlight is, however, when the Six Nations Championship takes place, which is in February and March. The six nations competing in this tournament are Italy, France, Wales, Scotland, England, and Ireland. Some of the matches take place outside the UK, while England, Scotland, and Wales play their matches on their home fields.


Cricket is considered an English-only sport. While that is not true, it is definitely cherished in England. Played throughout the summer, it attracts a lot of local attention. Cities and teams do not take part in professional competitions, but rather counties. There are a total of 18 counties which compete during the summer. Cricket also attracts a lot of bettors.

Formula 1

Formula 1 racing is popular in the UK. The main reason for that, other than the people loving fast races, is the British Grand Prix. Its date is not set in stone but you can expect it to start with the month of July. The races take place at the Silverstone Circuit, near Silverstone village.


Golf is also a sport associated with the UK. It is rightfully so, as one of the biggest and most popular golf courses is St Andrews Links in Scotland. Tournaments like the British Open and Irish Open should keep golf lovers busy throughout the summer.

These are but a few sports and sports events you can see in the UK throughout the year.

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