The Most Luxurious Casinos in the World


The world is full of interesting places to visit and things to see. Resorts are particularly fun and can have many things to help us have a better time and find more entertainment. And when you pair resorts with casinos – you get a lot of entertainment in one place.

Online gambling has made going to casinos unnecessary for some people, particularly with bonus codes and other enticements. But, not everybody wants to gamble online and some people have had too much screen time. For these people, especially if they have extra money, luxurious casinos are the places to visit.

Here are the world’s most luxurious casinos.

The Venetian – Macau

Macau has become the place to visit if you want to see casino resorts and huge casino hotels. The Venetian is a casino which has an eponymous sister casino in Las Vegas. This one, however, is known for being larger and even more luxurious than the Vegas counterpart. It has everything you need, from 39 stories of rooms, fancy penthouses, to all the gambling that you could possibly want. The rooms are not cheap, but the experience is meant for those who are willing to spend.

Casino de Monte-Carlo – Mónaco

Visiting Monaco is something that most people want to do, particularly if they want to visit Monte-Carlo. The casino in Monte-Carlo, named literally the Casino of Monte-Carlo, is the original casino with all the luxuries. It still retains a wonderful design and an air about it which other casinos do not have. It is like the Wimbledon of casinos, in a sense. Monte-Carlo is expensive, but this casino goes over the top, so make sure to have a lot of money ready if you want to stay there, and especially if you plan on gambling.

Marina Bay Sands Casino – Singapore

Singapore is known for a great many things and in this case, they are also a city to visit if you want to gamble. The Sands casino in Singapore is a huge building with over 3000 slot machines and 500 tables for table games. It is a large casino, as most Sands casinos are, including the one in Vegas. The Venetian belongs to the Sands Corporation, as does the Palazzo. They have made the Marina Bay casino another special place to visit, if you want that luxurious gambling experience.

Park Hyatt Mendoza – Argentina

This casino has a different take on things. It does not offer the flashy luxury of the other casinos on the list, but what it does do is offer spas and wellness centers, a pool, of course, as well as many opportunities to gamble. It is a practical and still, luxurious resort, without having to be as flashy as the others.

Ibiza Gran Hotel Casino – Spain

Ibiza is a place to visit if you want to party. It is a place for extroverted people who want to go at it all night and day long. Now, they can gamble at a very luxurious hotel and casino, called the Gran Hotel, meaning grand, of course. There are high stakes slot machines, as well as table games with no limits bets. It is a gambler’s paradise.

These are the world’s most luxurious casinos. Remember to gamble responsibly if you visit them.

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