Exercising 101: How to Form a Workout Habit


The majority of people desire to know how to get motivated to work out and how to build a lasting exercise habit. There are some strategies that will help you stick to your exercise schedule. To make this habit, you should do a 30-day challenge, and by the end of the challenge, you should have a pretty solid habit in place.

Choose a Time and Stick to It

Consider whether you will be better able to stick with it in the morning, lunchtime, or evening, and commit to that time slot. Pick a time, and do your best to stick to it. When a time isn’t specified, you’re more likely to put off doing it until you have more time or energy, then you’ll put it off until the next day. This behavior never becomes habitual.

Make a Note in Your Calendar

It’s easy to set up an email or text reminder to make sure that you never forget again. Just don’t forget to take action when you receive the reminder. Make sure you don’t put off taking action. Setting up a reminder is pretty easy on your mobile phone, tablet, or PC, and allowing push notifications will alert you when you need to start preparing.

Take it Easy

Among all the suggestions, this may be the most helpful. Burnout occurs when you do too much too soon, resulting in quitting your habit. The first time you make exercise a habit, your body is likely to be unaccustomed to that kind of stress. Keeping it simple is the key: only spend 20 minutes exercising at the beginning. For those who are just getting started, 10-15 minutes are fine. It’s important to get out there, to slowly introduce physical activity into your daily routine, and to create a habit.

Make it Fun

An irritating habit will make you avoid it if it is associated with pain. When you have fun with something, you’ll look forward to it. Therefore, in the early stages of establishing a new habit, you should be focusing on pleasure. Get a chance to enjoy the tranquility of a sunrise, the crisp morning air, the gorgeous sky at sunrise, and the time of solitude and contemplation. Music can also make the experience more fun.

Consider Taking a Rest Day

The importance of recovery cannot be overstated. Hence, it is imperative that you provide your body with some rest. If you’re keeping it easy, and only exercising for 20 minutes, you should be fine without rest days. It is still beneficial to have one rest day per week where you are not doing the same exercise as the other six.


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