Best Sports Games You Can Play Online


Sports games always have a way of attracting an audience. Whether on mobile phones or consoles and PCs, the player base is always present. People love sports, in general, as well as sports betting  (click here to find out more) and sports-themed video games, and many prefer to play them with friends, whether actual participation sports or a quick game of FIFA.

If the weather isn’t to your liking, or there are other unfortunate circumstances preventing you from playing sports in person, here are some video games alternatives that you can also play online.


The game takes its name after a move in skateboarding. That should be suggestive of its type. If you like skateboarding and want to do some quick flips and tricks, this game is the right one for you. The more stunts you pull off, successfully, the more points and crowd appreciation you get. That’s the way skateboarding works, so the game replicates it quite well. It is also lots of fun.

Penalty Fever Plus

What is more rewarding than finishing a match in penalties and winning? The tension of the crowd, the stress, the silence before you take the shot and the sound of the ball hitting the net. This game provides you with the opportunity to play penalty shots only, but on both ends. You can take shots as well as be the goalkeeper. The responsibility is great, regardless of the position.

Billiards Master Pro

A quick game of pool against an AI or a friend is a great way to relax. If you are focused, you can beat them pretty quickly, as is the case in real life pool games. Here, though, you do not have to worry about your arms trembling and you missing the shot due to human error. Your aim will be spotless, you just need to hit the cue ball with the right amount of power. You can play straight pool and eight-ball.

England Academy Rugby

This game is full of details, which is impressive for an online browser game. What makes it different from others is that you actually have to master some skills before you can enter the Six Nations Tournament. Once you do, you can take on Europe’s best rugby players. The game is fun, quick and requires fast reflexes, just like real rugby, but without the potential injuries.

Upstream Kayak

Kayaking is a great sport if you like water and shoulder workout. If you’d like to try kayaking and do not want a fancy simulation, this game has what you seek. The river is full of obstacles and you must find your way past them. That’s not the only challenge, with the clock against you, you need to make every row count.

Turbo Golf

If you like golf but consider it a bit too slow, this is the right answer. Nothing is slow with Turbo Golf. Fast-paced action is combined with interesting and challenging golf courses for a quick dose of fun.

These online browser games are readily available and entertaining. They are especially good when you’re on a quick break and are in need of some fun.

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